The best Women Empowerment Circles

Some figures from the recent evaluation report of Women’s Learning and Livelihood Development circles in district 16 of Kabul – Afghanistan:
Out of 118 female participants in 4 learning circles in the last 18 months:
– 8 young girls (14+) got promoted and registered to different levels in the formal girls schools in the district.
– 28 Women (previously illiterate) are able to read an write words, sentences, fills basic forms, know the time and count/write till hundred numbers.
– 5 Women started their small businesses (home tailor) in their local area,
– 19 Women are able to buy their basic needs, such as medicine, cloths and children’s stationary through selling products they make after learning different skills in the circles,
– 60% of participants make their own and children’s dress in the circles and don’t have to pay fee to tailors.
– All participants are aware of personal and environmental hygiene,
– 85% of participants are familiar with the social map of the district and know, where the public facilities are and how they can be accessed,
– All the local imams and local representatives (Wakils) are happy with the program and are ready to support it.