Learning circle for women

We’re pleased to announce the establishment of ELM’s 5th learning circle for women in district 16, Kabul- Afghanistan. While many people in the remote areas are culturally against female education in Afghanistan, we were privileged to have our learning circle inaugurated by the Imam of the mosque and community elders a few weeks ago.This can only happen, when autonomous approaches ae used to empower communities. In our learning circles, women decide ‘what and how they want to learn!’This is one of the reasons that despite the huge flow of aid on female adult literacy, yet we have only 17% literacy rate among women in Afghanistan, with a high variation from urban to rural areas (1.6% in Helmand and 23% in Kabul).We thank one of our beloved medical doctors in the United Kingdom, who sponsored the circle.353People Reached13EngagementsBoost Post

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