A group of experts, professional educators and strategic developers (in and outside the country) are working within traditional Afghan culture to provide learning and skills through long-established community techniques and resources to contribute the achievement of EFA (Education For All) primary goals.

ELM has been implementing Women Education and Livelihood Development Programme (WELDP) in district 16, one of the most remote and war torn districts in Kabul. The population of the district is estimated at more than 300,000, including displaced communities from other provinces, making up the most marginalised and disadvantaged group in the country.

The target beneficiaries of the WELDP are the vulnerable females (age +15), who have not attended school or have been forced to discontinue their education due to political barriers. There are four learning centres so far established in district 16. Women (20-25 women in each circle) attend the learning circle three days a week for two hours in the house of a local facilitator. The participants take an active role in choosing
what to learn, relevant to their daily needs.