Girls Higher Education Sponsor Scheme in Afghanistan

Given the current challenges of female education and economic crisis in the country, the director of ELM met with education experts, university lecturers and students during his one week (16-24 July, 2022) visit to Kabul-Afghanistan.
Following in-dept discussions with different stakeholders and analysis of existing challenges and impact, the leadership of two highly achieving private institutions (Salam and Mili Universities) in Kabul agreed to facilitate the process of GHESSA.
Additionally, during the visit a joint professional agreement on education policy development and curriculum design was signed between ELM and AQSA (Academic Quality and Standard Association) in Kabul.
ELM is currently in the process of launching the scheme and appeal to everyone to join the programme and support thousands of our talented girls in Afghanistan, who cannot afford to pay for their higher education fees at private universities.
We will update you about how GHESSA works, and how you can join and be part of the scheme.

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A society where all sections of the community can access, afford and enjoy education without any form of discrimination.

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To motivate communities to become more aspired in improving their lives through increased educational opportunity.

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